Installation Instructions.
Dharma, Eden and Froyo Releases (This is the one most people use).
If you're unsure about your version, please ask on the Forums.

The easiest way to enjoy the TVCatchup Plugins is to first install the Repository.

1. Download the plugin from here and remember where you've saved it.

2. Open XBMC, there should be a short-cut in your Start Menu.

3. Go down to "Settings" then to "Add-ons".

4. Choose "Install From Zip File" and browse to where you downloaded the plugin too and press Ok.

4a. It should now say "TVCatchup Repository Installed" or something similar.

5. Go up to "Get Add-ons", then choose "TVCatchup's XBMC Add-ons" and "Video Add-ons".

6. From here you have a choice which plugin you install, the old one with just Now and Next, or the Newer one with a full EPG. Choose the one you want, then Click "Install"

7. Now we need to configure it. I'm going to assume you've installed the EPG one and talk you through installing that one. Go up to "Enabled Add-ons" and go down the list to where it says "Video Add-Ons" and press Enter. You should be able to find the TVCatchup Add-on.

8. Choose TVCatchup Add-on and click on Configure

9. On the first tab you can choose how many hours you want displayed at one time, choose the theme you'd like to use and tell the plugin to download the listings manually.

10. The next tab allows you to set how long before a program starts you want to be notified, how long you want the reminder displayed, if you want a big reminder allowing you to change channels and if you'd like to be emailed before the program starts (You'll need a gmail account for this).

11. Once you've tweaked anything here, next you need the TVCatchup Settings Tab.

11a. Enter your Username and Password in the relevant boxes, then choose the Quality of the stream you want to use and your preferred ITV region. (Please note, this is only for the guide data and doesn't affect your stream choice. (Yet.)

TVC Screenshot

12. Now if you don't want all of the channels available to be listed, then click on the TVCatchup Channels Tab and just untick the ones you don't want.

TVC Screenshot

13. Click on OK and you should be ready to go.

The first time you open the plugin it MAY take a couple of minutes as it loads downloads all the new Guide Data.

TVC Screenshot
Once loaded though, you move around the guide using the Direction Keys and use Page UP/Page DOWN to move through the pages.

If you select a program in green, it will open the stream for you, but if you select a program in the future the plugin will ask you if you want to set a reminder.

TVC Screenshot

The number of users using or have used the XBMC Plugins are 25503.
If you have any problems with this plugin please visit here or PM me here
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